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i’ve been interested in switching to linux since around 2010, when I became aware of the open source community at large. I had messed around with gimp before, and was interested in what else there was to offer.

I only switched at the end of 2016, to linux mint with the xfce desktop. i’m glad I waited because the process was smooth and almost painless. Linux has come a long way and there are a lot of user friendly distros for people used to windows or mac.

As a general computer user:

linux mint is fantastic. The only hiccup with installing was with the wireless card – which was a problem even on this netbook’s pre installed windows 8. after a year I was sick of struggling with win8 bloat and unstable updates. I initially switched because a driver update broke the entire os and I had to do a fresh install anyway.

Linux mint is user friendly enough as it is, and xfce is similar enough to windows I had very few problems. It runs faster and uses less space than win8 on this netbook, leaving more room for apps and files. The ui can be customized in any way you like and installing software is a breeze – just use the software manager! There are ways to install apps without the manager which require a learning curve but googling lead me to ways to simply copy/paste the correct terminal commands.

When I first installed linux mint, the wireless was very unstable but even just months later it runs well out of the box. Nearly everything is plug and play. I was worried a huion tablet I bought as a replacement for my wacom one would require jumping through a few hoops but all I had to do was plug it in.

i’m not sure i’d rec linux to just about anyone, but if you don’t mind tinkering with things when something goes wrong linux is very good. Even if you’re not into coding and such.

As an artist/illustrator:

i’m not sure I would rec this if you are used to windows/mac programs. Krita and gimp are very usable and good programs but there’s a learning curve, and if you’re used to photoshop or something you might get more frustrated than you need to be. i’d recommend dual booting instead of trying to run a program through wine because it can get very glitchy.

i’m not sure where im going with this now lol

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